Brexit Bill debate LIVE: MPs and House of Lords face final battle over approving Article 50

What is today’s timetable?

These things are always uncertain, but here’s a good guess…

4.30pm: Brexit Secretary David Davis opens a two-hour debate in the House of Commons in a bid to kill off the amendments. Chances are he’ll succeed, with a vote (or two votes) at 6pm. What is important is what he says, and whether he offers any concessions to the House of Lords.

7pm: A Parliamentary clerk physically walks the Bill back to the House of Lords, where peers have two choices – keep up their fight, or give up. What they choose will depend largely on whether Mr Davis has offered them anything to work with.

Later: The Bill could ‘ping pong’ back and forth between the Lords and Commons for final debate. Each further debate in the Commons is limited to just one hour.

11pm: Cut-off for the end of today’s debate in the Commons. One pretty reliable Lords source expects it to be over tonight.

(Photo: PA / Getty / Surrey Advertiser)

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