British spies fear Russian hackers will target the next general election by stealing emails from political parties

Britain’s political parties have been called to an emergency summit with spies at GCHQ amid fears the next general election is at risk of Russian cyber attacks, it has been reported.

The intelligence community reportedly fears Russian hackers could hack, steal and leak internal emails of Britain’s main political parties, the parliament, constituency offices and pressure groups and think tanks.

Also feared to be at risk are the vast files of information parties hold on voters.

The fears come after Russia has been accused of hacking the Democratic Party’s emails accounts and releasing tens of thousands of emails, in an attempt to undermine last year’s US presidential elections.

Ciaran Martin
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Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton faced months of leaks during the election race.

After recent German claims of similar Kremlin moves for its elections this year, the National Cyber Security Centre has written to the UK’s political leaders, The Sunday Times reports.

NCSC chief Ciaran Martin is said to have offered assistance to parties to protect their information.

A technical seminar will be held for the political parties, the newspaper said.

UK Government Communications Headquarters
Spies at the Government Communications Headquarters fear the next general election could be target by Russian hackers
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“You will be aware of the coverage of events in the US, Germany and elsewhere reminding us of the potential for hostile action against the UK’s political system,” the paper quotes the letter as saying.

“This is not just about the network security of political parties’ own systems.

“Attacks against our democratic processes go beyond this and can include attacks on Parliament, constituency offices, think tanks and pressure groups and individuals’ email accounts.”

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