Broadchurch fans upset by scene where DI Hardy reheats tea in a microwave

It seems like microwaves are all we can talk about in the news right now.

Broadchurch fans were left reeling by the latest episode largely thanks to one minor scene that saw David Tennant’s character microwaving a cup of tea. 

Despite there being plenty of other serious questions – such as who sent the flowers, and what was on Ian’s laptop – fans appeared to be more shocked by Alec Hardy’s tea-brewing methods. 

In the episode, Tennant’s detective character is seen pouring a cup of tea from a cold teapot, putting it in the microwave and reheating it. 

Suffice to say viewers were pretty outraged. 

Episode three of the third series saw the list of potential sex attackers grow longer – as half the male cast seemed to have been around the crime scene at the estimated time of the assault – with new suspects including Arthur Tamworth (Richard Hope) and Michael Lucas (Deon Lee-Williams).

Our Broadchurch reviewer praised show creator Chris Chibnall for his efforts in showing the aftermath of a sex attack, including the procedural police element and the impact the assault has on the victim and their loved ones. 

Julie Hesmonghalgh has been critically acclaimed for her performance as rape survivor Trish, who is trying to rebuild her life and engage Beth Latimer following her own personal tragedy, whilst also blaming herself for what happened at the party. 

The next episode of Broadchurch airs on Monday 20 March at 9pm on ITV.

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