Car hits crowd of anti-fascist protesters amid white-supremacist violence in Charlottesville

At least one car appears to have plowed into protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia and injured at least six pedestrians, according to the local government Twitter account. 

Violence broke out earlier today between protesters opposing the removal of a statue from a local park of Civil War Confederate General Robert E Lee and counter-protesters. 

A video taken by Fox News shows damage to two cars and multiple protesters lying on the ground who appeared to need medical attention. 

The video also shows what appears to be blood on the hood and windshield of one of the vehicles. 

It is unclear at this time exactly how many people have been injured or the nature of the incident. 

There is also clear damage to at least two vehicles. 

A eyewitness told Buzzfeed News that a car backed up to gain more speed before plowing through the crowd. 

The eyewitness also said the vehicle had no license plate and dark tinted windows. Charlottesville police have said that at least three vehicles were involved in the incident.

It has not been confirmed if the driver of any of the vehicles is in police custody as yet. 

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