Danniella Westbrook says she's happy, single and loving life as she indulges in hair extensions before leaving Marbs

Danniella Westbrook has said she’s loving life and happy being single as she prepares to wrap up her sunshine holiday in Marbs.

The former EastEnders actress, 43, has been enjoying the Spanish destination over the past week but her time in Marbella is about to come to an end.

This morning, she decided to get a pampering session in before the flight home, choosing to have long blonde extensions added to her mane.

Danniella shared a photo from the Tantrum Hair Marbella hairdressing salon to Instagram and took the opportunity to tell fans how happy she is right now.

“Happy being me, happy being single, loving life,” she wrote.

“London bound later.”

Danniella updated her look with long blonde extensions
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)

Danniella Westbrook enjoys her holiday in Marbella

She then added on Twitter: “Full head of hair TantrumMarbella the only ones I trust in marbs. Salon fresh &ready 2 fly.”

However, rather than saying she was off to London as was suggested on Instagram, she added: “DubaiCallingMe latersHaters (sic).”

Danniella confirmed yesterday that she’s currently single, after previously raising eyebrows when she snogged Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves while out and about in Marbs.

She then sparked rumours of a romance with a mystery stranger named Paris after reportedly being seen putting on a cosy display with him over dinner in Spain.

But she came out to clarify the whole situation on Twitter, saying she’s NOT dating Rodrigo or Paris and is actually very much single.


Danniella is currently single
(Photo: Rex Features)
Danniella has been hanging with the Human Ken Doll in Marbs
(Photo: Rex Features)

A further meme posted to Instagram read: “I work hard, pay my bills and maintain myself. I’m independent. So when you see me, know that’s all me. I’m not kept, I do the keeping.”

As well as denying any romance with Rodrigo, her tweet appeared to confirm Danniella is not back together with boyfriend George Arnold.

There had been rumours earlier this year that Danniella and ex George had rekindled their romance following a break up, after Danniella paid tribute to George on Instagram.

She’d written: “Always supported me even when we first split and always been by my side. Everything works out right in the end and my last few days spent with my George have been amazing.”

Danniella made the most of her trip
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)

Danniella jetted off to Marbs after a tough few months, and has been doing her best to relax and unwind.

But she hasn’t forgotten about her fans back home, keeping them in the loop with Twitter and Instagram updates every step of the way, including wishing her fans good night.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and sangria though.

Danniella faced a terrifying ordeal when she was mugged by two men.

She got a new hair do while she was there
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)
Fans loved her new look
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)

She was walking down the street in the Spanish resort of Marbella when two men on a moped wrenched her Prada bag off her shoulder.

Danniella, 43, told The Sun that she is still feeling shaken by the ordeal.

“I’m literally walking along one minute on the phone and I just felt something pull me fast. It was like when someone pushes you to go by fast,” she explained.

“As it pulled me I said pardon me and I just saw my bag starting to go with it.”

The Prada handbag contained £600 in euros as well as a pricey watch, clothes and her work phone – but Danniella says she’s lucky she didn’t end up injured in the mugging.

Danniella Westbrook
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)
Danniella Westbrook
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)

Danniella, who also treated herself to a new hair do, seems to have had quite the holiday.

And her fans are glad to see she’s doing so well.

Danniella Westbrook
(Photo: danniellawestbrook/Instagram)

She’s been inundated with well-wishes on Twitter.

One fan wrote to her: “so glad you seem happy lately gorgeous”

Another said: ” nite bbz luking sweet as alway’s” [sic]

Fans are loving her new look too. After she posted some snaps of her new hair style, one fan said: “looks beautiful just like u” [sic]

Another posted: “you look stunning dan. Hope your well. We don’t always get dealt the best cards, but it’s how we play em.” [sic]

“Your hair looks deliciously gorgeous, as do you,” said another.

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