David Cameron wants to throw former Cabinet colleagues 'on a very, very dangerous river on a raft'

David Cameron has said he would like to strap some of his former colleagues to a raft and throw them in a “very, very dangerous river”, in his first interview since the general election.

The former Prime Minister made the comments after being asked whether any of his previous co-workers should attend National Citizen Service, his flagship summer camp initiative. 

“If it involved crossing a very, very dangerous river on a raft, I can think of a few I’d want to strap together,” Mr Cameron told the Evening Standard, which is edited by his longtime ally and former Chancellor George Osborne.

Mr Cameron was speaking after the first patrons’ board meeting of the National Citizen Service scheme, which he set up shortly after Mr Cameron entered Downing Street.

The programme was designed to instil social responsibility in young people as part of his “big society” vision, but critics have said there is scant evidence it works.

During the interview, Mr Cameron described June’s general election result as “depressing”, saying the Conservative party needed to offer a “more inspiring vision” to attract younger voters.

The former Prime Minister warned the Conservative Party needed to be careful it did not “slip backwards” from the more “liberal, tolerant” party he said he presided over.

He was halfway through writing a memoir, Mr Cameron said, promising it would be a “rip-roaring read “.

The comments came amid reports the Cabinet was “tearing itself apart” over Brexit as negotiations with the EU resumed.

Indicating an ongoing Cabinet dispute, Philip Hammond said damaging stories about him had been leaked by fellow members angry at him for pushing for a soft Brexit.

Earlier in July, Mr Cameron distanced himself from Cabinet members and key Brexit figures Boris Johnson and Michael Gove when he said critics of austerity were “selfish”.

The Foreign Secretary and Environment Secretary had broken ranks and suggested the public sector pay cap should be lifted.

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