David Davis pictured without any notes at Brexit negotiations

Brexit secretary David Davis has been criticised after being pictured sitting down to EU negotiations in Brussels without any notes.

The minister returned to the UK after half a day of talks and a photo opportunity after Article 50 discussions resumed on Monday morning.

In a photograph posted out through official channels, Mr Davis’s approach was in stark contrast to the European Commission negotiators, who sat with large piles of paper in organised binders.

The Department for Exiting the European Union did not respond to a request for comment on the minister’s lack of notes.

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said: “We have less than twenty months of Brexit talks left, yet David Davis has skulked back to the UK after just half a day.

“He didn’t have any position papers with him because this government has no agreed Brexit position.

“This is a government with no papers, no plan and no time for the most important negotiations of a lifetime.

“They are meant to be negotiating Brexit but they can’t even negotiate among themselves.”

The UK and EU teams will negotiate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for coordinators’ meetings and negotiating groups before a final announcement and press conference on Thursday.

Negotiators are expected to address the issue of citizens’ rights, the financial settlement between Britain and the EU, and the question of Northern Ireland during the talks.

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