Disney criticised for Jasmine casting in new Aladdin

Disney has been criticised by fans for casting a non-Arab actor in the new Aladdin film.

The company has announced Naomi Scott as Jasmine in the live action remake.

Naomi, who is of British and Indian heritage, will star alongside Mena Massoud as Aladdin, and Will Smith as Genie.

Some social media users argue the part should have gone to an actor of Arab heritage instead.

Will Smith has been cast as Genie in the remake

Image caption Will Smith has been cast as Genie in the remake

Although Aladdin is set in a fictional country called Agrabah, fans generally assume it is meant to represent part of the Middle East.

Naomi’s co-star Mena Massoud is of Egyptian background, although many fans on social media wanted it to go to Avan Jogia, who is not of Arab heritage.


Some fans argue that casting Naomi as the film’s princess suggests Disney thinks women of Indian and Middle Eastern heritage look the same.

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