Donald Trump's handling of North Korea is 'like he's playing Battleship between golf games' says commentator

A Republican political commentator has compared the President of the United States to a child playing a game in between playing another game.

Anna Navarro, a CNN commentator and former Jeb Bush supporter, said that Donald Trump’s handling of the North Korean conflict recently is “like he’s playing Battleship in between golf games.”

“I think one of the things that gives me some comfort is the idea that he’s got very strong, very measured combat veterans like John Kelly like Mattis around him, who hopefully are taking a serious look at this,” Ms Navarro said, referencing Mr Trump’s chief of staff and Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Mr Trump has engaged in an escalating war of words with North Korea lately in response to their testing of nuclear weapons and missiles in recent months and years. The President threatened to attack North Korea if they don’t stop threatening the US, prompting the North Koreans to threaten the same thing.

“Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing,” MsNavarro said. “Let’s not even pretend that he does. This is a guy who went to military school and thinks that makes him a military expert. As far as I’m concerned, it’s like he’s playing Battleship in between golf games at his golf course.”

Mr Trump is currently on a 17-day vacation at his golf resort in New Jersey, where he has been sighted golfing. It is unclear how frequently he has been golfing at his resort, as the White House does not disclose those records.

The President has recently indicated that the US is “locked and loaded” with its plans for a military assault — defensive or offensive — against North Korea should the situation call for those measures. The US has reportedly been considering several potential strategies, including targeted strikes on North Korean missile stocks.

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