EastEnders viewers warned to brace themselves as dramatic teaser shows Michelle and Preston's shameful affair exposed

Michelle Fowler and Preston Cooper’s sordid affair will be exposed this week as a brand new teaser shows them passionately kissing in the middle of the Square.

Viewers have been warned to brace themselves as the residents of Walford discover the couple’s shocking secret.

The dramatic new trailer starts with Preston racing through the market as Kush and Denise look on through the pouring rain.

The American schoolboy finds Michelle, with the couple gazing deeply into each others eyes.

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

Her brother Martin and market inspector Carmel are left open mouthed as the lovers move in towards each other, seemingly unaware of their audience.

Preston then snogs Michelle in front of her distraught niece Bex, who was recently caught in bed with the American.

Until now Dennis Rickman was the only person to know about the affair after spotting the pair kissing at home.

(Photo: BBC)

The shocking reveal is sure to cause further heartache for the Fowler’s, with Martin discovering last week that Bex was in trouble with the police for posting nude photos of ex Shaki.

Martin will definitely lose it when he finds out Preston has bedded his sister and daughter, as will Sharon when she discovers it was happening under her roof while she was on holiday.

Hunky Preston first appeared on our screens on Valentine’s Day when he surprised Michelle by flying over from America.

Preston and Michelle have enjoyed a steamy affair behind closed doors
(Photo: BBC)

Michelle has hidden from everyone except best friend Sharon that she is back in Albert Square because she lost her job and husband after having sex with her pupil.

Viewers were disgusted last month when Michelle slept with her 17-year-old lover just hours after her niece Bex.

Fans of the show were also angry after discovering the show had been cancelled tonight , but there will be a double episode this Friday to make up for it.

Preston has started to work for Martin – despite bedding his sister and daughter
(Photo: BBC)

Fans of the soap took to Twitter to air their views on the new trailer.

One viewer said: “@ bbceastenders @ BBCOne can’t wait for this to happen a bit more of Michelle and Preston love it amongst other things it looks amazing x”

Another added: “@bbceastenders but why the slow-mo tho? EE has been the best because it keeps it real. This is like a music video for an Ed Sheeran track.”

A third said: “@bbceastenders @BBCOne can’t wait …and look raining in Walford for once lol”

EastEnders continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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