Elvis impersonator ordered to pay pensioner couple back £7,000 loan that left them all shook up

An Elvis impersonator who left a pensioner couple all shook up has been ordered to pay over £7,000.

Performer Michael Goodwill was given a series of cash loans by the trusting pair – fans of his tribute act who saw him as a pal – to help pay rent and bills.

But the couple accused Goodwill, who sings as Micky Vegas, of repeatedly failing to make repayments and called in lawyers.

Finally they took him to court and won a legal order for him to pay back the £6,860 he borrowed plus £790 costs.

But that was last May and the couple, lifelong Elvis admirers Kathleen Harris and Roy Freestone, are still waiting.

The pair, who regarded Goodwill as part of their family, are now so upset they can no longer bear to listen to the King’s music.

Mick Goodwill has been ordered to pay the money back

And to add to their woes, Goodwill hit back with a claim of his own – insisting they owe £3,000 for Elvis props and haircuts done by his partner.

Last night gran-of-six Kathleen, 69, who lives with former steelworker Roy, 64, in Nuneaton, Warwicks, said: “He betrayed us after we were kind to him.

“We saw him as a son and wanted to keep him on his feet. We never drew up a contract but we trusted him.”

The couple first got chatting to Goodwill – who boasts on his Facebook page he is “Taking care of business for the King” – after seeing him at Pierre’s Restaurant in their home town in 2011.

Kathleen said: “We started going to gigs regularly and became loyal fans.”

When Goodwill split from his partner the couple lent him £200 for rent.

Michael Goodwill and Kathleen

That was followed by £4,200 to help him and his new partner, a hairdresser, set themselves up in a home in Stoke Golding, Leics.

Kathleen said: “It was a chunk of our retirement savings but he promised to pay back every penny.”

Over the next two years Roy worked as a roadie for Goodwill and they all went on holiday together – during which time the couple handed him £1,000 for council tax plus several loans of £300 or £400.

Kathleen said: “We reminded him to repay but it became a sticking point.

“We knew he and his partner weren’t strapped and we felt they were taking us for fools.” In despair, the couple went to Nuneaton County Court and got the repayment order in 2016.

But Goodwill insisted they owed him for wigs, a jumpsuit, belts and hairdos including a stylised Elvis quiff for Roy.

He told the Sunday Mirror the couple had taken him and his partner “for granted”. Referring to Kathleen, he said: “I’m not going to pay back the money until she deducts what she owes us.”

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