Ewan McGregor's T2: Trainspotting press day in New York looks eerily empty after blizzard keeps journalists away

T2: Trainspotting is one of the most highly anticipated and talked about movies of the year so its star Ewan McGregor probably expected journalists bursting out the doors at its press conference in New York today.

The reality, however, was somewhat different as Ewan arrived for the film’s US press junket to find empty corridors and rows of unused seats.

Posting images of the rather eerie looking scene to Instagram, the actor mused: “T2 press day. NY. Where are the press though?”

He added: “Well, I am here!”

The hotel in New York was empty
(Photo: Instagram)
Where are all the journalists?
(Photo: Instagram)

Unfortunately for Ewan and the rest of the T2 gang, the press day just happened to have been held right in the middle of a blizzard blanketing New York with snow.

So while the local press no doubt desperately wanted the chance to quiz Ewan on the Trainspotting sequel, getting to the venue was likely a rather big problem.

Although he didn’t update his Instagram to say whether or not anyone did eventually make it, he did say on Twitter: “At the moment we’re going ahead with all our press.”

And journalists did tweet from the event that they’d managed to make it there to chat with Ewan.

New York is among the north eastern US states to have declared a state of emergency after a huge storm swept through in recent days.

Ewan at the T2 press day in London in January
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Trainspotting came out 20 years ago
(Photo: Channel 4)

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Fans on Ewan’s Instagram were quick to say they’d be more than happy to turn up and chat with him if he needed company at the junket.

One wrote: “If you invite me to do an interview I will be there in 30 min.”

Fans did get the chance to ask Ewan, 45, a few questions as he later held a Q&A session on Twitter answering everything from how it felt being reunited with the Trainspotting cast to his favourite type of hat. (The answer to the latter was a homburg hat, FYI.)

Ewan reprises his role as Renton
(Photo: Getty)

He also revealed: “Getting back into character as Renton was a little daunting at first in case I couldn’t do it, the worry what if I couldn’t find him in me anymore? But once we started it took me 20 minutes to feel like him again. It’s like he’s been waiting to come out all these years.”

Ewan also spoke about why the T2 movie took so long to make when the original Trainspotting came out 20 years ago.

“There’s something about the movie which is very much men looking back at their lives in order to try and figure out how to look forward and what the rest of your lives will be. I don’t think that happens in this sort of profound sense until you’re my sort of age, mid 40s.”

T2 was released in the UK in January and hits US cinemas this month.

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