Games Inbox: What was your final verdict on Battlefield 1?
Battlefield 1 – you can’t say they’re rushing the DLC

The morning Inbox hears about the fan uprising over Friday The 13th: The Game, as one reader asks after Star Was: Battlefront II’s VR mode.

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Forgotten war

Is it just me or did Battlefield 1 come and go surprisingly quickly? Given all that hoopla about the trailers, and how everyone hated Infinite Warfare, it still didn’t outsell Call Of Duty and I barely hear anyone talk about it anymore. It’s also been surprisingly slow with the DLC. We’re in August now and it’s still only have one major expansion? Did it just not do well or did they mess up and it’s all just slow coming out?

I enjoyed the game at first and would have held onto it a bit longer, but it just seemed to get forgotten. If there was a game of the year edition I’d consider jumping in again but I guess that’s never going to happen until all the DLC is out.

Or maybe my perception of all this is skewed and it just didn’t grab me? I was never 100% sold on the setting because of the rubbish vehicles, but I still preferred it to all the jetpack nonsense from Call Of Duty. I wouldn’t say I was fully satisfied by it by a long shot thought.

GC: It’s not clear what the final numbers were but it outsold Battlefield 4 and Hardline combined at launch, which is no mean feat. We’ll be talking to DICE about the game as a whole at Gamescom, so hopefully we’ll get some insight then.

Unlucky for some

I don’t know if any Inboxers have been playing Friday The 13th: The Game, or are perhaps just aware of the controversy, but things have been getting really crazy. The developer has basically threatened to give up on the game so it can work on something else, rather than fix the bugs and get it working properly. They’ve changed their mind though, allegedly, but not got into a fight with doxxers and are now stopping people from killing members of their own team or basically trying to play it any other way than it was originally designed.

Fans are up in arms, obviously, and the whole thing has turned into a kind of us vs. them battle between the developer and players. Madness in other words.

I know it’s been said a hundred times before but Kickstarter projects just seemed doomed to failure in one way or another. But this one is particularly bad because the game could’ve been great and all it needed was a bit more time in the oven. I’m about to give up on it though. Maybe I’ll come back in six months and see if any of it was fixed. I’m betting not.

Falling again

For any that are interested, which probably isn’t that many, Respawn just released their first mobile game Titanfall Assault. It’s kind of a real-time strategy game and from the few minutes I’ve spent on it so far seems pretty impressive for a smartphone game.

Of course what I really want is Titanfall 3, but I’m guessing there’s not much chance of that until Respawn get their Star Wars game out of the way (if that turns out to be an AT-ST simulator I will laugh my head off. For any that have never tried it I would totally recommend Titanfall 2 for both single-player and multiplayer. It’s got the best story mode in a shooter that I can remember since forever, and is almost a completely separate game to the equally good but very different multiplayer.

I am reasonably hopeful we’ll eventually see Titanfall 3, but I’ll never forgive EA for sacrificing it just to damage Call Of Duty a little last year. That’s blatantly what they did and they don’t seem to care that it’s obvious to everyone. That’s business though I guess, there’s a reason they’ve been going for so long.

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Dare to scare

I think we’ve got to face the fact that survival horror is dead and has been since the PlayStation 2 era, at least in terms of big budget mainstream games. I really appreciate that Bethesda are giving The Evil Within 2 a fair crack, but if that game’s a hit I’ll buy a hat and then eat it.

I think the indie problem is just because it’s the summer games drought though. I don’t get the impression they’ve given up or anything. Hello Neighbor look great when it comes out later this year, and so does Ghost Theory and The Hum. I know GC didn’t like them much but I’d also recommend Outlast 2 and Perception. They might not be great games but they are scary, and that’s something I don’t think big budget games will dare to be anymore.

Tipping point

People watching other people open random collections of meaningless DLC?! Is this point at which I realise I have finally have got old and no longer understand anything about gaming and popular culture. And that video? Coming on for 40 million views to watch some teenager badly act his surprise at opening a packet of virtual Panini cards?!

It amazes me that with all the incredible technology at our fingertips, and all the infinite forms of entertainment at our fingertips people seem to go out of their way to find the most boring thing possible to do with it all. I mean, compared to this watching cat videos on YouTube feels like high art.
The Colt

Topical survival

I see that the Fallout 4 game of the year edition is due out next September, so I’m curious as to whether readers would still recommend it? I was put off at the time by everyone saying it was too similar to number three, but if I can get it for a good price with all the DLC I think I’m still game.

These big open world games seem to be like buses, all coming out at once, but I haven’t played one in a while. What with the news and everything I feel like practising for life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland would be time will spent.

Arisen again

I know I’ve seen it mentioned here a few times in the past, but I’d just like to recommend Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to readers when it comes on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later in the year. I loved this game when it was originally released on Xbox 360 and I see it as kind of the missing link between Dark Souls and Skyrim.

I think it did okay when it was first released, but it still seems underrated to me as the graphics are great and the combat is also a lot of fun with a great balance of difficulty and challenge. I really liked the way the pawns worked as well, basically allowing you to play a co-op game on your own. I keep hoping for a sequel but I’m hoping that these remasters mean that could still happen if they do well.

I honestly enjoyed it more than The Witcher 3 and really liked the old school monsters and the Shadow Of The Colossus style boss fights.
Joe the plumber

In it for the LOLs

Although I have no real interest in esports, a part of me really wants to see it become part of the Olympics just to see the meltdown from those that are totally against it.

On a slightly less malicious note though the idea doesn’t make much sense to me. How are they going to pick what games they play? And who’s going to decide that Counter-Strike and Dota deserve to be in it, but not Overwatch or whatever? An esports-only Olympics makes plenty of sense but just shoving it into the main one would be like cutting down the athletics to just one race and the javelin.

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Next level VR

There’s been a lot of talk about Resident Evil 7’s VR mode lately, and quite rightly because it’s excellent. Although I’m still a bit shocked that it’s the only major release that has had the mode. Everything else is just indie games. Personally though my absolute favourite VR experience is still the X-wing mission from Star Wars: Battlefront. It was short, but boy was it sweet. Basically my dream game, even if it was only a glimpse at what could be.

Criterion have been hinting that they’re working on a full game, and there’s definitely something VR related in Battlefront II but has there been any word on what is its? Is it something else just the size of the X-wing mission again? I can’t imagine they’d do more than that for just Battlefront II, and I think it’d be impossible to make the main game work in VR because it’s too fast. Or maybe they can make just the spaceship bits work?

I’m very happy with my PlayStation VR and do understand why companies can’t commit to bigger projects, but we’re just on the cusp of a real revolution here and it just needs to step up that little bit to get to the next level.
Tyler Durden

GC: Battlefront II is certainly going to be at Gamescom, but we’ve not had any specific confirmation that the VR features will be shown. There’s certainly been no information on what exactly they are so far.

Inbox also-rans

Just to say thank you to GC and half_empty80 for the advice about the 3DS’s Fire Emblem games. Although it did occur to me… it perhaps doesn’t bode well that I’m hoping to purchase a game based around tactical decision making and couldn’t even decide which version to choose!

Will somebody please tell me what G.O.A.T Edition stands for in Madden NFL 18? I realise of course (similar to Gill Came) that my ignorance puts me fairly and squarely in the ‘casual gamer’ camp.

GC: It’s not a gaming term, it stands for ‘greatest of all time’. Or at least it usually does. If it has some special meaning in regard to American football we wouldn’t know.

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Many people use the quiet summer months to catch up with their backlog, but have you made any progress and is your current backlog more or less than at this time last year? Do you actually care about a backlog and what, if any, steps do you to take to prevent getting one or making it worse?

Do you have any rules about how many games you buy at once? Or about how many you’re playing at any one time? Do you have any games you think you’ll never get round to playing or completing, and does this worry you?

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