George Michael's lover Fadi Fawaz claims star's grieving family have apologised for 'judgemental' comments

George Michael’s partner Fadi Fawaz has claimed his lover’s family have apologised to him for their behaviour just days before the star is laid to rest.

The Australian photographer shared a secret apology letter thought to have been sent to him by one of George’s relatives that says sorry for the cruel comments he received in the days after George’s death.

Fadi posted a snippet of the letter on social media, captioning it: “Finally something nice x.”

The photo George’s relative said proved his love for Fadi

In the shared fragment, a black and white photo of Fadi lying in George’s arms can be seen – and the letter says that the image proves how much love the couple had for each other.

“We can clearly see from this photo the love that George had for Fadi, sorry to say that some of us including myself were judgemental and maybe cruel to George’s lover Fadi and that surely must upset George’s soul very much,” the letter continues.

“We are all different, every one of us grieves differently.

The couple had been dating at the time of George’s death on Christmas Day 2016

“Some go into shock some into disbelief and others into denial, our cruel comments and hurtful feelings and thoughts towards Fadi did not help him to grieve peacefully, and from day one if George could see what Fadi went through emotionally from the newspapers or the social media he would have come back to right the wrong.”

It finishes: “Fadi: sometimes a genuine apology, a heartfelt ‘I AM SORRY’ can change everything and start to mend the deepest wounds. ‘I AM SORRY’ grieve in peace.”

It’s thought George’s private funeral will take place over the next few days

It comes after weeks of speculation over whether or not Fadi would be allowed to come to the family’s private funeral, thought to be taking place in the next couple of days.

The Careless Whispers singer will be laid to rest in north London’s Highgate Cemetery, where George’s beloved mum Lesley is buried.

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