Geri's trip down memory lane was a lovely piece of nostalgia – just don't let her sing

There was a jolt on Saturday night for anyone who thought they knew why the Spice Girls broke up.

It seems it wasn’t Scary and Ginger hating the sight of each other after all. Princess Diana was actually to blame.

And Nelson Mandela . Well, that’s according to Ginger Spice who fronted BBC2’s Geri’s 1990s – My Drive To Freedom under her new name Geri Horner.

Mrs Horner is very like Miss Halliwell, by the way.

Only with a much posher accent, readier access to soft focus lighting, and a thoughtful approach to her “journey” which suggests she may have spent the past ten years with life coaches.

She blames Diana and Mandela for her leaving the Spice Girls
(Photo: BBC)

That may explain why she now cites Diana’s death and meeting Mandela as the joint driving force behind her decision to quit the world’s biggest pop band at the height of her powers.

Then again, she also claimed her big solo hit Mi Chico Latino was inspired by her Spanish roots, and not – as my ears had always led me to believe – by how well La Isla Bonita did for Madonna.

Luckily, it didn’t really matter whether you bought Geri’s take on the events of her busiest decade or not.

Without her insights this documentary would have simply been the kind of lazy look back at the 1990s we’ve all seen a hundred times before – Blair, Blur, blah, blah, blah.

Ginger was always my favourite Spice
(Photo: BBC)

With Geri on board it was a lovely piece of nostalgia which even alerted me to something I’d never really noticed at the time: Ginger was always my favourite Spice Girl.

That said I was a bit worried when Geri said that reliving the old days had left her wanting to make some new music.

Easy now, Geri. You’ve only just had a baby. You take as long as you need.

We’re happy to wait.

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