Han Solo movie: Is new character Dryden Vos Jedi maverick fan favourite Quinlan in disguise?

An intriguing tidbit came out of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando last week, confirming a new “major cast member” in the Han Solo prequel with the character name ‘Dryden Vos’.

It has sent fans into theorising overdrive, as it can’t be a coincidence that the character bears the same surname as favourite Quinlan Vos.

The Jedi, with dreadlocks and a yellow stripe of paint on his face, was active during the prequel trilogy (briefly seen in the background of The Phantom Menace) and a key part of animated series The Clone Wars, in which he was embedded as an undercover spy with Count Dooku.

Hailing from the planet Kaffu, he was a maverick within the Jedi Order and had a reputation for bending the rules. Harnessing the power to perceive others’ memories when touching objects they had contacted, he was an expert tracker often sent on missions into the criminal underworld.


Vos is thought to have featured in a scene George Lucas wrote for Revenge of the Sith but didn’t use, and Disney have been pouring over Lucas’ unused plot strands lately.

“So our attitude [is,] we don’t want to throw any of that stuff away. It’s gold,” producer Kathleen Kennedy told /Film. “And it’s something we’re spending a lot of time looking at, pouring through, discussing, and we may very well develop those things further. We definitely want to.”

Making Star Wars speculates that Quinlan could be using a pseudonym with ‘Dryden’ in the Han Solo movie, as Obi-Wan Kenobi once did with ‘Ben Kenobi’.

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