Have a lava-ly time on tours that get you up close (but not too close!) to active volcanoes

Apart from the unpronounceable one in Iceland which caused all that flight chaos in 2010, tourists love an ­active volcano (though not too ­active, and from a safe distance!).

Mount Etna is one of the most popular sights on Sicily with many heading there to see the first eruption for eight months.

Adventure travel firm World Expeditions and European partners UTracks and Sherpa ­Expeditions have some lava-ly trips.


Mighty Mount Teide is Spain’s highest mountain at 12,198ft and the third tallest volcano in the world. Hiking is a great way to see the national park it stands in, and the island offers great walking from cloud forests to ­banana plantations.

  • Tenerife on Foot, Sherpa Expeditions (8 days, year round) from £720pp.
Mount Teide from Las Canadas
Mount Teide from Las Canadas
(Photo: Getty Images)


The southeast Asia ­archipelago is a land of impressive volcanoes, and tourists can take in active Java twins Mount Welirang and Mount Arjuna, a sunrise hike at Mount Bromo and an ascent of ­sacred Mount Rinjani on Lombok.

  • Volcanoes & Dragons of Indonesia, World Expeditions (16 days, May to October), from £2,690pp.
Mount Rinjani is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok and considered sacred


The Pacific islands were created by continuous lava flows and shifting tectonic plates. You can explore white, green and black sand beaches, waterfalls, giant craters, lava lakes and sputtering volcanoes.

  • Hiking the Aloha Islands, World Expeditions (14 days, year round) from £3,090pp.
A lava flow enters the sea in Hawaii
(Photo: Caters)


A volcanic extravaganza featuring 19,347ft Cotapaxi, glacier-clad Chimborazo, the double peak of The Illinizas, the huge crater lake at inactive Fuya Fuya and Imbabura, sacred “protector “of the region.

  • Summits of Ecuador, World Expeditions (16 days, November and January) from £2,450pp.


After a guided ascent of Stromboli, where a fiery lava trail streams down one side, the focus shifts to Etna to observe craters, discover black beaches and bathe in therapeutic hot mud.

  • Volcanoes of Sicily, UTracks (8 days, April-October, not August) from £890pp.
Italy’s Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest and most active volcano, spews lava
(Photo: REUTERS)

International flights are not included but they can be arranged.
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