How to upcycle an old tea tray for spring in 5 easy steps

With a bit of spray paint and gloss, you can turn anything old into something shiny, new and expensive-looking. Why not give this drinks tray upcycling project a go…

You will need:

● An old tray

● Masking tape

● Copper spray paint (We used Rust-oleum Bright Copper Metallic Spray Paint, 400ml, £9.49, Homebase)

● Clear gloss (We used Rust-oleum Polyurethane Gloss Spray Paint in Clear, 400ml, £9.49, Homebase)

1. First, give the old tray a good wash with soap and water and leave it to dry fully.

Upcycle tea tray step 1
Step 1

2. Cover any surfaces with dust sheets or newspaper, then begin to mask off the areas of your tray that you don’t want painted. We chose a simple diagonal stripe pattern.

Upcycle tea tray step 2
Step 2

3. When you’re happy with your design, give the can of spray paint a good
shake, then holding it 30cm away from the tray, lightly cover the entire tray
using a back and forth motion. Wait a few minutes and then cover it again.

Upcycle tea tray step 3
Step 3

4. After about an hour, when the paint is dry to touch, carefully remove the masking tape.

Upcycle tea tray step 4
Step 4

5. Cover the top of the board with two coats of gloss spray. Then, when that’s dry to touch, cover the underside of the tray with gloss too. Leave to dry fully over night, then it’s ready to use!

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