Is Game of Thrones actually good? We chew it over in Kernels podcast episode 11

How do films make you feel? The Independent gets personal about cinema and TV with actors, directors, cinematographers and other people from the continually evolving world of “content” in a new fortnightly podcast hosted by Culture Editor Christopher Hooton.

Game of Thrones season 7 is fast approaching and the world is riding the hype train all the way to Dorne, but is the HBO show actually good? Will it be remembered as one of the greats? Joined by Jacob Stolworthy and Jack Shepherd, Chris looks at how the show has switched its focus from political intrigue to the spectacle of battle, whether it has the dramatic chops to match its technical ones, where the show might be going, and how it often finds itself drowning in characters. 

Listen to it below, subscribe on iTunes and podcasts apps here and follow the podcast @kernels and host @ChristophHooton on Twitter. You can find early episodes with Matthew McConaughey, Sir Patrick Stewart and more here.

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