Joe Biden has a favourite Barack Obama bromance meme

The “bromance” between former President Barack Obama and his Vice President has been celebrated by many across the internet, but now Joe Biden’s favourite meme about the pair’s relationship has been revealed.

The memes had been created and shared by people for a few years but took off between the presidential election and the swearing in of President Donald Trump, using pictures of Mr Biden and Mr Obama talking, laughing or embracing, accompanied by imagined dialogue.

Many showed Mr Biden coming up with ways to fool or play tricks on President Trump ready for when he entered the White House, but the daughter of the former Vice President said the one he loves the most references the eight years spent with Mr Obama in office.

Speaking to Moneyish, Ashley Biden said her father’s favourite meme shows a picture of himself and Mr Obama embracing while their partners hug in the background. The text underneath the picture features a joke about how much time the pair are meant to spend together.

Ms Biden said she had first told her father about the memes and that he “sat there for an hour and laughed”.

Barack Obama even referenced the internet’s love of their relationship before he left office, when he awarded Mr Biden with the highest civilian honour, the Medal of Freedom. “This also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance,” he said during the ceremony. 

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