Kind-hearted stranger forks out £460 for devastated father who couldn't afford daughter's plane ticket

A kind-hearted stranger forked out £460 to help a desperate dad who couldn’t afford to buy a plane ticket for his young daughter.

Debbie Bolton was standing next to the heartbroken father at an airport in Omaha, Nebraska , when he was told his daughter was too old to fly for free.

As he fretted about how he was going to pay, she stepped in and offered to help him out.

The generous gesture, which left the man speechless, has now gone viral after the heartwarming story was shared by Kevin Leslie on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Debbie, who is the co-founder and Global Chief Sales officer at cleaning firm Norwex, had initially wanted to remain anonymous, but friends unmasked her today.

Debbie Bolton was standing next to the heartbroken father at an airport in Omaha, Nebraska, when he was told his daughter was too old to fly for free
(Photo: Facebook/Debbie Bolton)

They say she was returning from a work trip in the city when the interaction took place.

According to a Facebook post, which has been shared 170,000 times, the father was visibly shocked and confused when he was told he had to stump up the £460 for the flight.

“Hugging his daughter and grabbing his head, you could tell he was heartbroken,” the post reads.

Debbie then stepped-in after overhearing their conversation and walked up to the counter to pay for the girl’s ticket.

“You know how much this ticket costs right?” the check-in staff apparently replied.

Debbie stepped-in after overhearing that the father wouldn’t be able to pay for the girl’s ticket
(Photo: Facebook/Norwex)

Debbie Bolton who paid for the plane ticket at Norex

But she brushed it off and got out her credit card to pay.

The father stood their speechless, according to Kevin, before mustering “God bless you” to the woman.

He asked her for her name so he could repay her but she said: “Don’t worry about it”.

Susan Holt, who works with Debbie, told MailOnline , she would “never intended” for her kind gesture to have gone public.

Susan, who is senior vice president sales leader at the environmentally friendly cleaning company, added: “This is an amazing story because it’s about a woman who is amazing at her very core.

“I love, admire and respect her for who she IS, not just for the business she’s built.

“She lives her life like this.”

Amy Cadora, Chief Marketing Officer for the company said in a statement: “We’re not surprised to hear of Debbie’s kind and generous personal gesture.

““We are very proud of her and love having her as a part of the Norwex team and as one of the Co-Founders of Norwex North America.”

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