Larry David's daughter Cazzie is continuing the family trade of raging at the world

While Larry David preps the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, his 23-year-old daughter is writing and starring in a comedy series of her own. It’s not so different from Curb either, except her anxieties and frustrations are very much rooted in millennial life.

Cazzie David has put four episodes of a series called Eighty-Sixed on YouTube (watch them below), and given the clearly very low budget they’re really quite well made, seeing protagonist Remi irked by being tagged in ‘inspirational’ social media posts and a drone being flown in her back yard.

The opening joke about someone sitting on her bed in “city pants” is straight out of the Larry David playbook and the scripts are strong, even if the acting isn’t quite there yet.

It’s all very much in the realm of a Broad City or Love or Girls, and with the latter having concluded and left a hole in the market, a pilot could very possibly beckon.

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