Liam Payne 'is already having sleepless nights trying to finish his new album' before Cheryl gives birth

Liam Payne is reportedly having sleepless nights even before becoming a dad for the first time as he works hard on finishing his solo album.

The One Direction singer – who has moved his studio work from LA to London to make sure he’s ready for the big moment – is expecting his first child with girlfriend Cheryl, and it’s claimed he’s been doing all he can to get the record finished before his partner goes into labour.

“Until that happens he will continue spending as much time in the studio as he can,” a source told The Sun .

“It’s not ideal right now but it will mean he’s completely free to dote on mum and baby when the time quickly comes.

“But it’s fair to say he’s already completely knackered due to this schedule. People at the studio only see him at night and he locks himself away from 9pm until 4 or 5 in the morning, only taking an occasional cigarette break.”

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old has had a large ‘1993’ inked down the back of his arm.

It’s perhaps a poignant tattoo, with Liam looking back on the year he was born as he prepares to become a father for the first time.

Cheryl’s lash range pictures lead fans to think she’s given birth – but ‘star is still awaiting baby’s arrival’

Liam’s new inking celebrates the year he was born
(Photo: LiamPayne/Instagram)
(Photo: Getty)

Cheryl sent her fans wild by unveiling her baby bump and finally confirming her pregnancy in a campaign for The Prince’s Trust recently – but when is her baby due?

Followers of the singing star and her boyfriend have been making predictions on when baby Chiam will enter the world.

They’re also speculating about whether it’ll be a boy or a girl and even what its future career will be.

Fans went into meltdown when Cheryl was pictured proudly cradling her baby bump in a photoshoot for a L’Oréal Paris and Prince’s Trust campaign.

Cheryl unveiled her bump in these stunning pictures
(Photo: Loreal/Youtube)
There’s no denying she’s expecting a baby
(Photo: A J Odudu/Youtube)

It’s now believed that Cheryl is due to give birth within weeeks.

“Cheryl is getting very excited to meet her baby. Her due date was mid to late March but she knows there is a two week window on either side so her baby could literally be here any day now!,” a source told .

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Cheryl and Liam

Cheryl made a big announcement over the weekend when she shared pictures of her new range of eyelashes – but the post soon led fans to think she’d already welcomed her first child.

These pictures confused fans at first
(Photo: Instagram)

visibly pregnant Cheryl Cole in emotional chat

A few weeks after she confirmed her pregnancy by showing off a huge bump for a Prince’s Trust shoot, the star posted three glamorous shots to her Instagram to launch the new line, but not even a whiff of a bump was present.

And that’s because the pictures were actually taken weeks before her bump started showing.

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