Lonely Adele left miserable because Australia tour makes it difficult to keep in touch with her husband

Lonely Adele can’t wait to say Hello again to husband Simon Konecki as she tours Australia.

The superstar says the difficulty keeping in contact with him because of the time difference has left her miserable.

New bride Adele, 28, who has their four-year-old son Angelo with her, revealed her gloom on stage in Brisbane.

She told fans: “I miss my man. He’s not here yet. I can’t even find time to FaceTime him because when I wake up he’s going to sleep and when I’m going to sleep he’s going to work.”

Adele and husband Simon Konecki
(Photo: Daily Mirror)

The singer and charity boss Simon, 42 – who she met in 2011– wed in secret just after Christmas.

They kept their relationship out of the spotlight until Adele announced her pregnancy in 2012.

It is believed the ceremony was held at her £10million mansion in Los Angeles to avoid a “fuss”.

But although the couple have been pictured wearing rings, they refused to confirm it until Adele’s speech at last month’s Grammys.

Simon Konecki and Adele
(Photo: Rex Features)

Accepting her Album of the Year award, she thanked “my husband and my son” adding: “You’re the only reason I do it.”

She was the first artist to win all three of the top awards – Best Album, Best Record and Best Song – in two different years.

Since leaving Simon behind in England, Adele has stopped drinking during the latest leg of her sold out world tour.

Adele stops her concert after a fan suffers from a heart attack

She said: “Australians can drink. Normally I can drink anyone under the table but I’m not going to do that in Australia because I might get alcohol poisoning.

“My manager’s girlfriend, she’s Australian, she can party hard, I have to leave by about 11 o’clock.”

Adele will finish her tour with four nights at Wembley Stadium in London in July.

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