Man saves girlfriend with amazing gesture – but people are fixated on something else

When faced with a difficult situation, Mark Cadiz stepped up and looked after his girlfriend.

Mark, a 20-year-old student at the University of Hawaii in Maui, came to the aid of his other half Vanessa when she realised she’d brought the wrong footwear into college.

Vanessa had a chemistry lab but had worn some tan sandals, which have ‘open toes’ and are therefore inappropriate. She might spill acid on her feet, you see.

Fortunately, Mark was also on campus. He acted the gentleman. He took his shoes off and offered them up to Vanessa so she could attend class. Missing lessons is never good.


“We ride to school together almost everyday,” Mark told The Huffington Post .

“I had to wear [the sandals] for three hours. I had one class and they didn’t even notice I was wearing her sandals.”

Mark snapped a quick pic of his new outfit and posted it on Twitter. Soon, he was awarded ‘ Boyfriend of the Year ‘ – not an official title, but a title nonetheless.

Thousands of people appreciated Mark’s kind gesture.

“It felt weird at first because people noticed the little things. Like how I could fit her sandals and that my toe nails were long,” he said of his new-found fame which, he added, has made him feel “toetally different”.

Although Mark’s had heaps of praise, an issue was raised – does he and his girlfriend have the same size feet?

Yes, they do. They both wear American 7.5. Mark said it’s more that he has small feet than his girlfriend has large. Girlfriend Vanessa popped up after the tweet rose to prominence to mention that her man was being “bullied”.

And was also a bit worried that people thought she had “man feet”.

The romance is still the main point here, though. Right?

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