Michael Barrymore, 64, reveals he's making a TV comeback with brand new sitcom

He was once the most popular man on television – before it all came crashing down.

But, despite several years off-screen, Michael Barrymore is set to make his long-awaited television comeback in a brand new sitcom co-starring Game of Thrones actor Tom Brooke.

The news came to light after the star was spotted in a photograph shared by TV production company, Antenna, on Sunday afternoon.

Uploading the snap to Twitter, they captioned the image: “Great shoot today with two very talented actors”.

Michael Barrymore pictured at the time of the scandal
Michael Barrymore
(Photo: PA)

Quickly, Barrymore re-tweeted it, adding his own message which read: “Brilliant second day filming with Tom Brooke. Never mentioned ‘Game Of Thrones’ once…class act, and a really nice guy. I’m knackered! Ha X”.

When pressed by fans as to what the project was, he simply replied: “new sit com (sic)”.

He then added: “The production company filming it put that picture on of us on set. I can’t say, just yet. Still a lot to film. If you liked Bob Martin, this one will be right up your street”

Bob Martin was a sit-com that ran between 2000-2001 and won Barrymore an award for his portrayal of a troubled daytime game show host.

When asked if it was an official comeback, he responded: “I suppose that’s what it’s called…”.

Now 64, Barrymore presented shows such as My Kind of People and Strike It Lucky until he was dropped by ITV in 2001 when Stuart Lubbock, 31, was found dead in his pool.

A year later Essex and Thurrock coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said a five-day inquest had been unable to say for definite what caused his death.

Barrymore is currently suing the force for £2.5million claiming wrongful arrest and imprisonment.

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