More people are sexting than ever, according to a global sex survey
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Although we can spend hours of our day scrolling through nothing thanks to our phones, it’s clear that they help a great deal with one key element of our being — our sex life.

Since 2012, the number of female sexters has more than tripled, rising from 21% to 67% in the last five years.

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In a global sex survey carried out by period-tracking app Clue, it’s become clear that sexting has become a standard part of our sex lives.

‘This increase, and the large proportion of respondents, suggests that incorporating tech into our private lives is becoming normal – sexting may be becoming a new, but typical, step in a sexual or romantic relationship,’ says Amanda Gesselman, Research Scientist at the Kinsey Institute.

That’s not the only interesting bit of research carried in the survey.

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The 140,000 responses from 198 different countries revealed which country is most likely to use a dating app for a hookup.

According to the responses, Sweden came out trumps in the analysis, with 46% of the nation most likely to use the app to find a partner, and 23% for a hookup.

Women from Russia were the least likely to do so, with 3% of those surveyed stating that they would use the app for casual sex.

But overall, only an average of 30% of respondents used dating apps.

‘Technology today has an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. You can meet your soulmate with the push of a button or learn about sex on your smartphone,’ says Ida Tin, CEO and co-founder of Clue.

More people are sexting than ever, according to a global sex survey
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‘I find it most compelling that while apps are so common in most countries and cultures, technology doesn’t yet dominate our sex lives and relationships. Instead, it’s just part of the whole picture,’ added Tin.

While it appears that IRL dating is still the favoured preference among women, it’s clear that a strong sexting game is a valued asset in these lustful times.

Just whatever you do when you try out your sexting game, make it more sexy than Belinda Blinked.

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