Murderer who kicked schoolboy to death puts sick picture of his FEET on Facebook to impress girl

A murderer given a life sentence for kicking a schoolboy to death posted a sick selfie of his feet on Facebook as he boasted about the killing.

In a series of vile posts from prison Jordan McCready, 23, made it clear he has no remorse as he bragged that his feet had “done” his victim Jon Wilson.

McCready made despicable comments about raping his victim and snorting his ashes, and threatened to rape a Facebook user who called him sick, the Daily Record reports.

It’s believed McCready used a smuggled phone to post the messages while behind bars at HMP Shotts, and prison bosses have vowed to investigate.

Jon Wilson, 13 who was murdered by Jordan Cameron McCreadie
Jon Wilson, 13, who was murdered by McCready
The sick selfie that McCready posted in the chat group

McCready targeted a female Facebook user, who uses the name John online, after she accepted a friend request from him by mistake. He made the posts under a false name, Cammy.

In a group Facebook discussion McCready urged her to look at his photo of his “sexy feet” and added that they had “done yer boy” – a reference to victim Jon.

The woman, who is not related to Jon, replied: “Go away.”

McCready, of Dreghorn, Ayrshire, then told her: “I’m coming for you.”

Later, another person in the discussion, who called himself Stuart, asked her if she wanted to be put in a grave next to Jon.

McCready responded with four “crying with laughter” emojis.

Jordan McCready
McCready posted vile messages about his victim
(Photo: Daily Record)

The woman asked the pair why they were so sick, and McCready asked her: “How’s Jon doing?”

She told him that wasn’t funny, and he hit back with the revolting lie that he had raped his victim.

McCready later told her: “Am gawny rape you.”

In another exchange with other women who were part of the group chat, McCready asked who was prepared to “get their t*ts oot” for “a line of Jon’s ashes”.

Two of the female users then left the group.

As the chat continued, Stuart spat bile at Jon’s grieving family, saying: “F*** the Wilsons” and “Jon’s dead”.

Jordan McCready who was convicted of the murder of 13yr old Jon Wilson in East Kilbride
The killer was given a life sentence in 2012

McCready then branded his victim a “bam” and added: “Kick to kill, stab for a laugh.”

But the woman confronted him again, telling him and his friend Stuart that they were sick and adding: “What he done to that wee boy was terrible. He would never say boo to a mouse and you think saying this stuff is fine.”

A friend of the woman spoke to the Daily Record to reveal the killer’s boasts.

McCready was 17 when he was jailed at least 14 years for murdering Jon in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, in September 2011.

There were no witnesses but the thug, who had taken Valium and drunk vodka and Buckfast, later boasted that he had “pounded the life” out of someone and “jumped up and down on a boy’s head”.

The attack was so vicious that McCready had bruises on his feet.

One of McCready’s earlier posts

McCready violently mugged a man and a youth at knifepoint for their phones on the same night before he was finally arrested.

Passers-by found Jon at 2.30am, covered in blood, and he was rushed to hospital, where he died the next day.

It’s not the first time McCready has accessed the internet to brag about his crimes or taunt people.

Last year, after he posted photos of his bulked-up physique and bragged that he had bought a phone for £50, Jon’s sister Lisa, 27, demanded an investigation.

The killer was reportedly back online earlier this month – and bragging about Jon’s murder in an attempt to chat up a young mum.

In February, Jon’s cousin Jane Benn revealed that McCready had been trying to get access to the family online.

Some of the sick messages posted online

Jane said McCready had taunted a woman he wrongly believed to be Jon’s mum, asking her what Jon was getting for his Christmas before telling her: “You do realise I killed your son?”

The Scottish Prison Service said: “Possessing a mobile phone in prison is a criminal offence.

“If we receive information that prisoners are in possession of such devices, we will take all appropriate action and report it to the relevant authorities.”

A spokeswoman added that prisoners were not allowed to use the internet.

She said that whenever the service were made aware that prisoners had social media profiles, they asked the service provider to remove them.

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