New mum hits back at vile trolls who insulted her 'fake' post-birth family photo

A new mum has hit back at nasty trolls who made vile comments about her beautiful post-birth family photo.

Thaise De Mari’s picture, which shows her holding her baby daughter moments after her cesarean, captured hearts earlier this year – mainly due to her newborn daughter’s amazing facial expression.

She first posted the photo on Instagram in December after welcoming her baby daughter Carmel into the world.

The picture, along with a caption thanking people for their support, was liked more than 31,000 times.

But this week she has shared it again alongside a defiant message to trolls.

She’s revealed that since posting the picture she has had a number of negative comments, including accusations that it is set up and fake.

People have also slammed her for having a cesarean – saying they’re outraged the new parents are smiling in the photo as it ‘should be a moment of pain’.

Thaise, from Brazil, writes: “I can’t smile at the happiest time of my life?!”

She has also received messages insulting her daughter’s name.

The new post has been liked 15,000 times and has resulted in more than 600 messages of support.

She writes: “The photo shows ONLY HAPPINESS and the people look for the defects.

“I decided not to read the comments on the sites any more, and to read each beautiful and affectionate comment that you leave in the pictures here!

“I wanted to answer it one by one, but now I’m a mother remember … What matters is that Carmel and I love ALL of this affection, we feel in every message how you love us, and we will always have this exchange of good feelings!

“And the bad ones? Let’s keep smiling at them too!”

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