NHS worker refuses 'point-blank' to back down in row over £161 hospital parking fine

A furious hospital worker is refusing “point-blank” to pay a parking fine she got while dealing with patients.

Emma Ashworth Cobban, 36, insists she left her staff parking permit on the dashboard but that wardens failed to spot it.

She was given a £35 ticket by private contractor Indigo which has now soared to £161 with a fine, VAT and solicitor’s costs.

Emma, a £15,000-a-year student technician at Royal Blackburn Hospital, Lancs, said: “There is enough stress on NHS workers without them having to contend with things like this.”

Emma already pays £13 a month for her permit to park at the hospital – more than it costs her in fuel to get there.

Emma’s original £35 fine has risen to £161
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The mum of two, from nearby Rossendale, said: “I love my job but I don’t think we should be charged for parking.”

A Sunday Mirror campaign, backed by MPs, has called on the Government to scrap rip-off parking fees for frontline health workers. Latest figures show hospitals raked in a record £120million in parking charges and fines last year.

Emma is the second worker at Royal Blackburn to stand up to French-owned Indigo, which manages NHS car parks across Britain.

NHS specialist Elizabeth Martindale, 62, is being threatened with court action by the same firm after she refused to pay a parking notice while attending heart patients.

And last week we told how health care assistant Robert O’Brien, 35, quit his job at a Cardiff hospital after Indigo bombarded him with tickets.

Indigo said it would investigate Emma’s case.

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