Paul Burrell denies cheating on ex-wife Maria, despite gay relationship in the 1980s as a 'young immature boy'

Paul Burrell has categorically denied being unfaithful to his ex-wife Maria – even though he has said he had a gay relationship in the early 1980s as a “young immature boy”.

Paul confirmed he had a two-year fling with Australian Greg Pead before he met Maria and had two children.

He said Pead, who runs a vintage clothes shop on Australia’s Gold Coast, should get on with his life and leave him alone. Pead, 63, said he received a marriage proposal from Paul saying he wanted to wear white.

Paul and Maria on their wedding day in 1984
(Photo: Rex Features)

Paul responded: “I first met Mr Pead when I was 20, that’s 38 years ago.

“I would say to him, ’Mr Pead, find yourself a partner, don’t hang on to someone who was a young, immature boy living in London, who then got married and had a family because he wanted to. I want you to be happy and find someone to settle down with. Those letters you’ve kept from me are going brown and turning up at the edges.’

Paul Burrell and Maria as he receives his Royal Victorian Medal in 1997
(Photo: Arthur Edwards)

“It causes me grief when he pops up. It caused me grief during my trial because the prosecution had a field day with material he produced which was innocent and not what it was made out to be.”

Paul is angry about accusations he kept secret his relationship with Pead from his ex-wife. He said: “Maria knew everything long before we got married.”

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