Pedestrian killed after being knocked off bridge by car before being hit by vehicle on road below

Horror footage has captured the moment a pedestrian was killed when he was knocked off a bridge by a falling car before being run over by another vehicle on the road below.

CCTV footage captured the freak accident and shows the man walking across a bridge when a truck drifts towards him, out of control.

The vehicle smashes through railings on the edge of the bridge, sending the man falling to the ground below.

Seconds after the tragic victim lands on the road he is hit by a car.

CCTV captured the out of control vehicle drifting towards the man as he walked along the bridge, believed to be in Turkey

The vehicle that initially hit him then teeters on the edge of the bridge before crashing to the ground and landing upside down.

The truck smashed through railings on the edge of the bridge sending the man falling to his death

Onlookers rush over but it’s too late.

According to the person who posted the footage online, believed to be of the Turkish city of Isparta, the pedestrian died.

The vehicle landed upside down on the road below after hitting the pedestrian and smashing through railings

Miraculously, the truck driver is said to have walked from the wreckage with only minor injuries.

Two students who were close to the crash site are also believed to have been injured.

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