Pixie Lott and fiancé Oliver Cheshire STRIP off for steamy magazine shoot ahead of wedding

Pixie Lott and her fiance Oliver Cheshire have really taken their work home with them by stripping off for a new magazine shoot together.

The 26-year-old Mama Do singer appears in a marble bath with her naked model beau.

And the photographer took full advantage of their natural chemistry – getting them to kiss passionately for the shoot for Paper magazine .

The couple got engaged last year after being a couple for seven years.

Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire pose in a marble bath together
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)
Oliver strips off
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)

Explaining what makes them work as a couple, she said: “When we’re away from each other, we’re speaking to each other as much as we can – WhatsApp is a godsend.

“But when I go on trips, I always ask him to come if he’s free.

“He’s my best friend, and the amazing thing is the memories we share. We’ve been together since I was 19, and now I’m 26. We know each other inside out.”

He teases readers with his tiny towel
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)
The engaged couple enjoy a snog
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)

Meanwhile, Oliver also agreed that they’ve got the balance between their work and personal lives just right.

“We’re both passionate and driven and want to be successful, and we make time for each other,” he said.

“You can say you’re really busy, but you can always make time. I’m lucky, I can fly around and meet her.

“There’s a lot of Hollywood relationships where they’re married within a year and divorced in two. We were in no rush – we’ve known each other for six years and I finally asked her to marry me!”

Pixie flashes her legs in a tiny mini skirt
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)
Oliver shows off his six pack
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)

Last month, Pixie revealed that she’s not into doing things on a budget – especially when it comes to love.

The singer is planning on having two days of holy matrimony when it comes to her special occasion(s).

Pixie’s reasoning? She wants decent weather at at least one of the weddings, so plans to have one in the UK, and one abroad, in much weather-friendlier climes.

Pixie eyes up her model beau
(Photo: Simon Lipman/Paper Magazine)

“My idea is two weddings,” she told The Sun . “Hopefully it will be both. Can’t rely on this weather.”

Pixie and Oliver got engaged last November, after six years of dating. Oliver popped the question at overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral in London from the other side of the Thames.

The couple walked together for Dolce & Gabbana’s Fashion Week show in Milan, which Pixie Instagrammed. One fan commented, “If they don’t make you a bespoke wedding dress and Oliver a bespoke suit I will be so sad.”


Speaking in December about her upcoming nuptials, Pixie explained she wasn’t in rush to get a wedding ring on it.

“I really haven’t got round to planning yet. I have no idea [about the details] yet because it really did surprise me,” she said.

“But if I don’t fit it in next year, because next year is really busy with new music and loads of other stuff … I just don’t want to rush it.

“I want it to be absolutely perfect. If I don’t get time to do it, next year definitely. Hopefully next year but you never know.”

Pixie Lott walks the Brits red carpet

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