Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt denies he's Prince Harry's father in rare interview

James Hewitt has categorically denied being the real father of Prince Harry , saying he feels sorry for the ‘poor chap” after decades of vicious rumours.

The former lover of the Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana , was speaking during a frank and candid television interview ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death in Paris.

Asked if he was Harry’s father, Hewitt replied: “No, I’m not.”

Quizzed over why the rumours have persisted for so long, he said: “It sells papers.

“It’s worse for him [Harry] probably, the poor chap.”

James Hewitt has denied being Prince Harry’s father
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The Prince has had to endure years of rumours about the nature of his mother’s affair
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Hewitt began a secret affair with Diana in 1986 – two years after Harry, now aged 32, was born.

Despite this fact, gossip mongers have continued to speculate over who Harry’s father really is, given the resemblance between red-haired Hewitt and the Prince.

Supporters of Diana, including her former butler Paul Burrell, have previously spoken out in a bi to quash the rumours.

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Princess Diana and James Hewitt after their romance ended in 1994
Prince Charles and Princess Diana meet James Hewitt in 1989
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Hewitt and Diana began seeing each other around the same time Prince Charles was said to have begun an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, now his second wife and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Hewitt defended his romance with the princess, saying he could be “fogiven for falling in love with her because it was “so easy”.

Their affair was exposed five years after it started, shortly after Hewitt, a former tank commander, had served in the first Gulf War.

Prince Charles (left) plays polo with James Hewitt who had an affair with Charles' wife, Princess Diana
Prince Charles (left) plays polo with James Hewitt in the 80s
(Photo: Rex)

Today, the 58-year-old lives as a recluse in Dorset, but says he has no regrets about falling in love with the People’s Princess.

“No, I don’t regret that,” he said.

“I regret some of the things that have been caused by that but not that at all. No way.”

Diana and Prince Harry as a young boy
(Photo: REUTERS)
Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan
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Hewitt was speaking to Australian Channel Seven, in the 20th anniversary year of Diana’s death.

She and her boyfriend Dod Fayed, son of billionaire retailer Mohammed Al-Fayed, died on August 31, 1997, when their Mercedes crashed in a road tunnel in Paris, whoe being pursued by paparazzi.

The driver, Henri Paul, who was also killed, was later found to have been drunk at the wheel.

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