Ruby Rose and Chrissy Teigen poke fun at Donald Trump's wiretapping claims with Lip Sync Battle spying joke

Ruby Rose and Chrissy Teigen have been poking fun at Donald Trump’s shock wiretapping claims and his accusations of ‘fake news’ in the media.

Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby initiated their Twitter banter after joking that model Chrissy had wiretapped her phone during their appearance on Lip Sync Battle in January in order to spy on the competition.

Ruby, 30, tweeted: “I woke up to discover Chrissy Teigen had wiretapped my phones during the very sacred Lip Sync Battle process.”

Actress Ruby Rose
Ruby started the joke on Twitter
(Photo: AFP)
The women exchanged tweets on Tuesday night
(Photo: RubyRose/Twitter)

She added: “By ‘wiretapped’ I mean I own a phone and Chrissy Teigen also owns a phone. By ‘I just discovered’ I mean I had nothing to tweet so… (sic).”

Ruby then told fans: “It’s phon not phone it wasn’t a typo that’s fake news… Note: this looks crazy when anyone does it so … just saying.”

Then Chrissy, 31, the wife of singer John Legend, chipped in to reply: “FAKE NEWS!”

Ruby responded: “I have proof! My word! I said so! GO TO YOUR ROOM!”

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy then joined in the fun
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Their exchange came after President Trump made an unsubstantiated claim on Twitter about his predecessor Barack Obama, alleging the former president had his wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the Trump’s US election victory.

Trump tweeted: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

He added: “Is it legal for a sitting President to be ‘wire tapping’ a race for president?”

The women have been vocal about their criticisms of President Trump
(Photo: AFP/Getty)

The businessman provided no evidence for the claims and a representative for Mr Obama branded them “false” and untrue.

This week, the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Mr Trump hadn’t meant his tweets to be taken literally, saying: “The president used the word wiretap in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other activities.

“There’s a whole host of tactics that can be used to monitor somebody either through wiretap or other ways.”

He also said Mr Trump hadn’t meant Obama himself in the tweet, but rather his administration.

Trump pictured on March 9
(Photo: Getty Images North America)

Mr Obama’s reps called any allegation of the sort “simply untrue.”

Meanwhile, both Ruby and Chrissy have been pretty vocal in their criticism of President Trump, with Ruby tweeting ahead of the election: “It’s scary, not funny.”

Elsewhere, Chrissy told USA Today earlier this year: “I’ve actually been a big Donald Trump hater (for a long time). I’ve been trolling him for about 5 to 7 years now. I’ve been doing this forever, and I take pride in that.”

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