Saturday Kitchen celebrity chef bombarded fan with naked snaps on Twitter behind his wife's back

The star of TV’s Secret Chef has been sending naked snaps of himself to a female fan behind his devoted partner’s back.

They were among hundreds of ­explicit Twitter messages Glynn Purnell has sent to the woman over nearly five months – some when he was at home while Kerry O’Carroll, the mother of his three children, slept upstairs.

Purnell, 42 – who last week claimed he was “too busy” to get married – even tried to set up a meeting with the fan.

“I was surprised when he started ­following me on Twitter, and I got ­carried away,”the fan told us. “I didn’t
realise he had a family at first.

“When he started talking about sex one thing led to another. Before I knew it we were swapping pics of our tattoos, and then he started sending intimate photos of himself.”

On Tuesday night about 1.5million tuned in to watch the Michelin-starred chef help a businessman who had never peeled a potato prepare a gourmet meal on new ITV show The Secret Chef.

Glynn Purnell with his wife Kerry

But BBC Saturday Kitchen star Purnell – who calls himself the Yummie Brummie – has been drooling over a dish of a different kind.

He made his move on October 23 last year after spotting the girl among his 38,000 Twitter followers.

Purnell followed her back and then sent her a direct message from his @Yummy_Brummie account at 1:02am which said: “Hi you ok x.”

When the thrilled fan replied he soon steered their conversation on to sex. Later he admitted being with his family minutes before sending an intimate pic.

She said: “I felt wanted. I love him when he appears on Saturday Kitchen.”

They contacted each other several times a month, normally late at night. He asked if she could meet him when she visited Birmingham with a pal.

Chef Glynn Purnell with Steve Occleston
(Photo: ITV)

In February he tried to arrange a meeting near her South London home.

The revelations emerge just a week after Purnell – born on a council estate in Solihull – claimed fame would never go to his head.

And he said he planned to marry his partner of 18 years because his daughter keeps nagging them.

“I’m not going to let fame sway me,” he said previously. “You get flattering messages from the public – and females – which is very nice considering I’m a grey 41-year-old man.”

He likes to portray himself as a family man, often talking about his partner Kerry, 42, and their three young kids.

He said in one interview: “What I like best is spending time at home.”

The fan decided she did not want to take things further. She said: “He says he’s a family man, but clearly there are two sides to every man.”

Purnell declined to comment.

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