Schoolboy reveals the contents inside Nazi fighter pilot's flight jacket who plummeted to his death 73 years ago

A schoolboy and his pals unearthed the remains of a Nazi fighter pilot from the wreckage of his plane – and discovered some interesting personal belongings in the bomber’s jacket pocket.

Daniel Kristensen, 14, and his friends used metal detectors on remote moorland in Denmark to discover the wreck of the Messerschmitt 109, which lay 25 feet down in the bog.

The pals decided to embark on the adventure after hearing stories from Daniel’s grandfather about a plane that came down in December 1944.

During the search in Birkelse, northern Denmark, with the aid of Daniel’s father, Klaus, the group’s metal detectors began to bleep.

Using a backhoe to dig, they soon discovered debris from the plane and the skeletal remains of its pilot.

The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland took charge of the findings
(Photo: AFP)

In his jacket pocket they found condoms , ammunition, a 1944 soldier’s diary, ration coupons, cigarettes and a wallet emblazoned with a swastika.

“At first we were digging up a lot of dirt with metal fragments in it,” Klaus said. “Then we suddenly came across bones and pieces of clothes.”

A few bits of debris, like the Daimler-Benz aircraft engine, remained in large sections, and machine guns were twisted but recogniseable.

The wreck of the Messerschmitt 109 lay 25 feet down in the bog
(Photo: AFP)

The friends also found a Bible on the remains, which they left with him.

The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland took charge of the findings. The museum’s curator said the pilot identification papers remained intact, so it may be possible to determine his name.

German war grabs officials will travel to Denmark this week to reclaim the remains for a military burial in the pilot’s homeland.

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