Sickening footage shows crying schoolgirl 'being kicked and punched in the head by laughing thugs'

A teenage girl and boy have been charged after a viral video on social media showed an alleged attack on a crying schoolgirl in a park.

The boy, 13, and girl, 14, appeared on bail at Ealing Youth Court today accused of ABH against a 13-year-old girl in a Feltham, west London, park on February 9.

The video captures the girl being allegedly assaulted as she desperately screams and pleads for her attackers to stop.

Towards the end, a boy can allegedly be seen holding the girl by her hair and repeatedly kicking her in the head and body.

Another girl runs in and allegedly helps to kick her in the head.

The girl filmed on the ground as she is allegedly attacked
(Photo: Deadline News)

But the girl on the ground eventually manages to break free and runs for safety.

A Met Police spokesman said: “A boy and a girl have been charged with the assault of a girl … shown on a video circulating on social media.

“The 13-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl, both of Feltham, appear on bail at Ealing Youth Court on Tuesday, 14 March accused of ABH against a 13-year-old girl.

“The boy had been arrested and charged on 1 March; the girl had been arrested on 28 February and charged on 1 March.

“The third person, a 12-year-old girl arrested on the 28 February, has been released on bail until a date in late April.”

The clip was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday night by comedian Robin Armstrong.

It was captioned: “I honestly can’t believe what I’ve just watched, please share this until these scumbags are caught.

“A young girl attacked viciously by a boy and girl. If you recognise them, get in touch with the police.”

The footage has already been viewed over 2.3 million times – with a further 10,000 reactions and nearly 50,000 shares.

A girl joins the alleged attack while the girl stays on the ground
(Photo: Deadline News)

The video starts as the distressing screams of the young girl can be heard while the boy allegedly holds her by the hair and calls her a “f***ing p***k.”

He then allegedly punches her repeatedly in the stomach as she yelps: “Get off.”

He then allegedly drags her around the large field they’re in before a voice behind the camera says: “Pull her, put your knee in her back and she’ll drop.”

As she falls to the ground, the video then shows him kicking her in the stomach before another girl runs into shot.

The girl then is shown in the video kicking the girl on the floor in the head before the boy follows her lead and also allegedly punches her.

The boy then says to his victim: “I’ll jump on your head,” as the girl responds: “No, please don’t.”

As the girl screams in pain while sitting upright on the ground, the boy holds her by the hair and allegedly repeatedly kicks her in the face before letting her go.

The clip ends as the girl runs away whilst a voice behind the camera says: “I want to do that again.”

Stephanie Gray commented: “What a disgrace. They appear to be proud of themselves ganging up on a defenceless young girl.”

Whilst Jason Flint added: “I actually feel sick and can’t bring myself to watch the whole thing poor young girl my heart goes out to her.”

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