Sickening footage shows killer throwing petrol over sleeping homeless man and burning him alive

A homeless man has been burned to death after a man threw petrol on the sleeping victim before setting him ablaze.

The homeless man, named as 45-year-old Marcello Cimini, was sleeping in the porch of the Mission San Francesco in Palermo, southern Italy.

Sickening CCTV footage shows a man clad all in black carrying a large bucket, approaching a large mattress spread out on the floor of the mission.

He is seen throwing a large quantity of fluid over the mattress, waking the person sleeping beneath the covers.

The man is seen throwing petrol over the sleeping victim
(Photo: Liveleak)

Before the homeless man can respond, the attacker sparks a lighter and launches himself onto the bed, setting the mattress ablaze in a blinding white flash.

The attacker is then seen fleeing with flames climbing up his leg, with the mattress completely on fire.

By the time emergency services arrived, Cimini had already been incinerated.

Floral tributes have been laid at the scene of the murder, wwere black burn marks still mark the walls.

The killer flees as the bed burns
(Photo: Liveleak)

According to Italian news website Corriere, Guiseppe Pecararo, a 45-year-old petrol station worker, on suspicion of Mr Cimini.

Mr Pecararo is reported to have admitted to the killing claiming he acted out of “jealousy” in the belief Mr Cimini was having an affair with his recently estranged wife.

Palmero mayor Leoluca Orlando called the killing “pure barbarism”.

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