Teenager claims she didn't get job because her boyfriend is black
The man advised Chiara Del Gaudio to take the photos off social media, she said (Picture: Facebook)

A young woman has said she was denied a job at a shop because her boyfriend is black.

Chiara Del Gaudio posted screenshots purportedly showing her conversation with a shop owner in Turin, Italy, who had contacted her about the job.

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But the man told the 18-year-old he was no longer interested in hiring her after finding pictures of her with her boyfriend, 19, on Facebook.

He even said she could date the ‘Monster of Florence’ – an infamous Italian serial killer – but he would not trust his store with ‘those who share their life with an African’.

Miss Del Gaudio told Corriere Della Sera: ‘He contacted me by saying that he was interested in my resume, but after seeing my Facebook profile he told me that he did not like me and even advised me to remove photos with my boyfriend.

Teenager claims she didn't get job because her boyfriend is black
It has prompted a public outcry online (Picture: Facebook)

‘Don’t worry, if by just looking at my profile you think I’m not the right person for the job, I can understand that you are a very superficial person so I would not accept it.’

She added: ‘He could tell me that my curriculum was not good, I would have accepted it, but I did not think I could be a victim of racism because I was engaged to a boy of colour.’

The man has reportedly faced abuse since Miss Del Gaudio posted the screenshots on Facebook.

She added that he has had to delete his personal profile as well as the shop’s Facebook page.