"That's our season over!" Tottenham fans react in HORROR to Harry Kane going off injured in FA Cup clash vs Millwall

It’s never nice to see any player injured.

It’s really not nice to see one of your players injured.

And it might just be the WORST. THING. EVER. to see your star man injured, as Tottenham’s fans will know right now.

Harry Kane, who just cannot stop scoring hat-tricks at the moment, was forced off injured in Spurs’ FA Cup quarter-final with Millwall on Sunday.

The 23-year-old limped off minutes into the game after rolling over his ankle, and well, the Spurs fans are understandable terrified for his wellbeing.

Kane limped off just minutes into the FA Cup tie
(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
Tottenham fans are worried about their star forward
(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
“Please be OK, please be OK”
(Photo: REUTERS)

So what does one do in such a situation?

Cry into a pillow? Could do.

Scream and shout at the gods above? Maybe.

Or log onto Twitter and announce your feelings to the rest of the world. Definitely. Well, this is 2017 after all.

Below are some of the wildest reactions to Kane’s injury from VERY worried Spurs fans:

And of course Tweets from those revelling in the pain of Tottenham supporters. Football can be a very cruel sport.

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