The Hills star Lo Bosworth reveals her 'crippling anxiety and depression' were caused by severe vitamin deficiency

She shot to fame in the Noughties on MTV’s smash-hit show, The Hills .

But following her rise to fame and her success as a blogger and businesswoman, Lo Bosworth has revealed that she has had to battle “crippling” depression caused by a vitamin deficiancy.

The former reality star, 30, said she started feeling “very off” towards the end of 2015 when she suffered insomnia, impulsive behaviour and a “racing mind” – prompting her to begin therapy and start taking medication.

Lo Bosworth has revealed she suffered crippling depression and anxiety caused by vitamin deficiency
(Photo: YouTube/Lo Bosworth)

She revealed her battled with what she described as both anxiety and depression on her blog The Lo Down.

“2016 wasn’t only just the worst year ever, it was also the year I turned 30, founded my own feminine wellness company, and brought an amazing puppy home,” she wrote.

“So not all bad. Light does find a way of shining through the darkness. And what is the darkness I’m referring to? Crippling anxiety and depression at the hands of a severe vitamin deficiency that went undiscovered for 16 months.”

The 30-year-old battled with mental health issues throughout 2016, but anti-depressants didn’t work
(Photo: YouTube/Lo Bosworth)
She revealed her battled with what she described as both anxiety and depression on her blog, The Lo Down
(Photo: YouTube/Lo Bosworth)

Describing her early symptoms, she said that everything she felt she was suffering from developed into “a feeling of anxiety that lasted for almost two months without any relief”.

Describing the feeling, she said: “Can you imagine having a 60-day-long panic attack? I can now – I lived it.”

However, the star revealed her diagnosis was far from straight-forward, as Lo revealed her doctors were confused by her lack of progress after months on anti-depressants; it wasn’t until a complex blood test looked at her vitamin levels that they discovered the cause of her depression.

Lo (centre) first shot to fame in the ’00s on The Hills
(Photo: WENN)

In the candid entry, titled, 2016: The year of my great depression, she revealed: “I’m told I have severe deficiencies of Vitamins B12 and Vitamin D. Want to know what happens if you’re deficient?

“You can develop, amongst other things, depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and a lot of other vague and uncomfortable symptoms.

“Want to know what happens if you never address your deficiencies? The symptoms can become permanent – yes, like permanent brain damage.

“What I know now is why my body doesn’t process B12 and D in the way that other people can. I also know how to handle this problem – which is by taking the highest quality, most bio-available methylated form of both every single day for the rest of my life.”

Let’s hop Lo is well and truly on the road to recovery now.

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