The incredible science behind the bubbles in your bath that help you fall asleep

Please go and fetch your rubber duck. It’s time for a bubble bath. It’s time for bed.

Unless you’re an exclusively shower only type of person (really?), you’ll know that a hot bath aids sleep. Especially a bubble bath.

We all know that heat tires us out. Our bodies are hugely receptive to temperature. Environmental fluctuations have an impact on our energy levels.

If our body is adapting to heat, it can cause tiredness as, suddenly, it has a new operation to perform – keeping you cool. It’s why you probably feel sleepy on holiday (it’s not just all the rum cocktails).

Calming down
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Hot baths probably induce some sleepiness. But, as you’re likely aware, bubble baths have an even greater effect. Why? How do bubbles help you become even sleepier than a simple hot tub?

Well, in addition to the general added pleasure and calming effects of smooth, scented bubbles, they also help form a layer on top of the water.

This layer, according to sleep doctor Dr. Michael Breus, traps the heat in the bath water. It means you stay hotter for longer. There, submerged, your body is experiencing an extended period of temperature change. So is your duck.

Bath with water
This duck is off to bed
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But this isn’t even the main point to bubble baths helping you get tired. It’s also the hour afterwards that has a positive effect.

In the hour that follows, Dr Breus says, your body cools off – and this causes a release of the hormone melotonin.

Melotonin is produced by the pineal gland in and regulates sleep and wakefulnes. So a big boost of it will make you feel fatigued. Goodnight.

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