The Walking Dead season 7 episode 13: 5 major talking points from 'Bury Me Here'

The Walking Dead season seven kickstarted its final furlong with an episode that was dedicated to Morgan (Lennie James), Carol (Melissa McBride) and the folk over at the Kingdom.

Titled ‘Bury Me Here,’ the outing was largely designed to get King Ezekiel’s people in the right place ahead of the oncoming war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)and The Saviours.

These are the five major talking points from season seven episode 13.

1. Richard’s plan

Richard (Karl Makinen) was the sole Kingdommer wanting King Ezekiel to lead his people into war against The Saviours alongside Rick and co – not difficult considering he’s been their punching bag during every supply drop – and yet his means of convincing his leader have been somewhat murky (his previous plan endangered the life of Carol). Richard was willing to die for the cause, removing one cantaloupe from a supply drop knowing it would full well end in his death, and sure enough, The Saviours strike – killing young Benjamin instead of Richard.

2. Morgan kills

It’s Morgan who clocks on what Richard did, and the revelation sends his psychosis spiralling evoking the grief over his lost son Dwayne. As they head on a second supply drop to had the missing cantaloupe over, it’s Morgan who strikes, attacking – and murdering – Richard in front of The saviours and a visibly shocked Ezekiel. He tells them what happened, and uses it as an opportunity to show them they’re playing ball, but he later makes his true feelings known to Carol – he’s going to kill as many as he can one by one; Morgan’s murder abstinence has ended.

3. Carol learns the truth

The Walking Dead clip – Season 7 Episode 13

Having previously refused to tell Carol the truth about what Negan did in the season seven premiere, Morgan heads directly to her house to fill her in on all the gruesome acts The Saviours’ leader’s committed from the deaths of Abraham and Glenn to Spencer and Olivia. McBride’s understated emotion in this scene is an episode highlight.

4. Ezekiel’s on board

Learning the news sparks carol into action. Loading up, she heads straight for Ezekiel at the Kingdom telling him that they have to fight. β€œYes, we do,” the monarch confirms, β€œ…But not today.” It seems, having refused Rick initially, Ezekiel is set to lead his people into war against Negan alongside Alexandria.

5. The Saviours are capable of compassion

interestingly, the lead Saviour present during the supply drop seems genuinely saddened by the death of Benjamin which raises a murky question surrounding whether all of Negan’s crew deserve to die – ultimately, what Alexandria, Hilltop, the Junkyad and now the Kingdom are planning on doing is essentially mass genocide…

The Walking Dead airs in the UK tonight, 9pm on FOX

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