Theresa May is in office but not in control as Scottish referendum plan opens up second divorce front

Britain out of Europe, Scotland out of Britain and Ireland reunified?

Nicola Sturgeon’s declaration of intent on a second Scottish referendum shows the Disunited Kingdom’s in turmoil and all bets are off on the future.

Theresa May’s inherited a poisoned chalice from David Cameron so this Prime Minister is entitled to curse her predecessor.

His Brexit humiliation gifted her Downing Street but she’s in danger of being swamped by constitutional, political and economic tsunamis.

Seeing off today those MPs and Peers seeking to guide her negotiating hands in Brussels is the easy part.

Securing a decent divorce deal from 27 shunned European nations will be a Herculean task.

Simultaneously preventing a Scottish divorce is a second front she’ll be stretched to fight.

Nicola Sturgeon announces second referendum for Scotland

And keeping Northern Ireland in the UK family is another headache for the leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party after significant nationalist gains in the recent elections.

Northern Ireland election results 2017

In an era of unpredictable protest anti-politics the PM’s in office but not in control.

Nicola, Queen of Scotland, gets out of bed every day to create a separate nation so I don’t buy Sturgeon’s spin she tried to compromise with May.

The SNP First Minister’s redefined “once in a generation” to four or five years and a second indy ref during Brexit negotiations for nationalist advantage.

Nicola Sturgeon announces a second referendum
Nicola Sturgeon is on a mission to create a separate Scotland
(Photo: Sky News)

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Second Scottish independence referendum

Her plan is to pour petrol on the Brexit blaze, hoping to exploit inevitable chaos by inflaming the disarray.

Maybe cunning Sturgeon’s gambling on May blocking a second poll to create another grievance, a tactic Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t, rightly, endorse should the Scottish Parliament seek a fresh plebiscite.

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Is Nicola Sturgeon justified in calling a second referendum?

The SNP lost its Edinburgh majority , though she’ll have done her sums and be confident Green support would clear the Holyrood hurdle.

But the financial sums don’t add up, the economic case for separation bankrupted by North Sea oil and gas revenues down to £900m when three years ago the SNP was forecasting £11.8bn.

Subtract a £9bn “Union dividend” and the first thing independent Scotland would need is international aid.

Independence, of course, will be decided by more than pennies but Sturgeon’s asking Scots, who voted to remain in Europe, to jump blindfolded off a cliff into the unknown as much as the Brexiteers.

The Brexiteers won last year’s EU referendum. Could the Nats win theirs? We’re about to find out.

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Will Scotland vote for independence in the second referendum?

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