Toasted Subway sandwich fans will now have to pay more thanks to new VAT ruling

Toasted sandwiches just got political.

One of the best parts about ordering a hot sub at fast-food chain Subway, is that it arrives in a brand-wrapped parcel of goodness – fresh, tantalising and warm.

Alas, dear sarnie-lovers, VAT rulings have imposed a tax on hot sandwiches which means that asking for your sub to be toasted is going to cost you a just little bit more.

In 2012 George Osborne suggested introducing a 20 per cent VAT charge on cooked takeaway foods such as sausage rolls and pasties,.

Whilst “pastygate” was ultimately put to bed, the same proposed tax was rolled out on hot sandwiches instead.

The sly dogs at Subway tried to desist, re-branding their toasted subs as “hot bread sandwiches” (we see what you did there). 

Unfortunately, after five years of BLT tomfoolery, Subway will now be charging extra for customers wishing to have their sandwich toasted.


Prices for Subway sandwiches have gradually increased over the years.

A 6-inch sub has risen by 90p, which means that a toasted foot-long could cost you close to £5.

“Since changes to VAT in 2012 (the pasty tax) Subway has repeatedly tried to challenge the law in order to protect the customer,” a spokesman for Subway has said.

“Subway franchisees have been absorbing the VAT cost, charging a single price for food, whether hot or cold or eat-in or take-away.”

Understandably, customers are not best please and have taken to Twitter to document their heartache.

Where’s the nearest McDonald’s?

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