TOWIE's Debbie Douglas reveals Lydia Bright has 'no feelings' for Arg – before her daughter's greeted with a bombshell

They’re on/off romance has made for many classic TOWIE moments over the years.

But following their acrimonious split last year it would seem that Lydia Bright has once and for all put James ‘Arg’ Argent behind her, as the Essex lad means nothing to her now.

As word of Arg’s tumble with Gemma Collins spread, Lydia’s mother Debbie revealed that “she has no feelings for him” following their last and final break-up.

Following up on the revelation that Arg had bedded his one-time flame whilst the group were away on holiday, Gemma’s BFF Bobby Norris ended up discussing the romp with Debbie and Carol Wright.

James Argent means ‘nothing’ to Lydia Bright now
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Her mother Debbie Douglas let slip the news on Sunday’s TOWIE
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The on/off couple had been at odds after splitting in May, but during filming in Marbella they enjoyed a night of passion – though it was revealed last week that Arg had also crept into Gemma’s bed.

And with GC (Gemma) pining for a baby, Carol couldn’t help but have a joke about the pair’s encounter, quipping: “I just think it would be funny if Gemma was pregnant by him [Arg].”

And as Bobby laughed nervously, he asked if they really thought Arg would go through with having a child with his friend, something Carol seemed to have an answer for.

“I don’t think he’d have had much choice,” she said, laughing at the thought of her son’s best-friend trying to get his own way with Gemma.

After hearing all about Gemma Collins’ romp with Arg, she said she felt Lydia wouldn’t even care
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However, Debbie didn’t seem to find the matter amusing, and speaking of her daughter she revealed: “I think Lydia would just think it’s another thing, she has no feeling for him now. They are totally gone. Anway she’s back today!”

And indeed she arrived just in time to discover the news that James had in fact bedded Gemma.

Greeted by her pals Kate Wright and Georgia Kousoulou, The Jump contestant was stunned to discover yet another secret about her own dalliances with Arg.

She explained to Carol and Bobbie that her daughter felt ‘nothing’ for Arg anymore
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“I think Lydia would just think it’s another thing, she has no feeling for him now,” she said
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“Was i before or after GC?!” Lydia asked in disbelief, as she discovered the news her former on/off love-interest had more than her on his mind during that particular holiday.

“He slept with you the same day,” Kate told her to much outcry from others, before the gaggle of girls finally decided that Kate was indeed right.

“You’re f***ing joking,” a flabbergasted Lydia exclaimed. “I had a plate of paella with her the day after, and she said nothing… I’m just in complete emotional shock.”

Elsewhere Jamie Reed was left trying to get some truth out of Amber Turner, who he found out had kissed Dan Edgar
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And it wasn’t just Lydia who was finding out some hard truths about their relationship, as Jamie Reed confronted a tearful Amber Turner over her actions with Dan Edgar.

“I just don’t know who you are anymore,” he told her as they had an emotionally-charged showdown in their flat.

As he grilled her over where she’d been staying – having found out she’d kissed Dan on a night out – the newcomer confronted his ex, telling her he had two videos proving her car had stayed outside Dan’s all night.

When Amber’s protest didn’t ring quite true and he called her a liar she began to shout and tried to walk out, making Jamie plead: “Amber don’t leave like this.”

To which she curtly replied: “You’re trying to get to the bottom of something that doesn’t matter anymore.”

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