Twins take family to new heights as UK's tallest married couple add to their growing brood

The UK’s tallest couple are on the fast track to having the world’s tallest family after adding TWINS to their lofty brood.

Keisha and Wilco van Kleef-Bolton, formerly the world’s tallest married couple, now count adorable twin sons Gabriel and Ezra as part of their rapidly growing family.

The boys were born weighing 6lb3oz and 5lb8oz – both larger than the average 5.5lb per twin even though they came four weeks early.

And now 17 months, doctors are confident they could be catching up to their giant-sized siblings.

Ezra is the taller one at 33in (2ft9in), putting him in the 91st height percentile amongst boys his age, while fraternal twin Gabriel is just an inch shorter (2ft8in).

Proud parents with twins Ezra and Gabriel

As twins, doctors would expect them to be naturally smaller than solo babies , around 2ft 7in maximum. But as premature twins they would have expected them to be a few inches smaller still – proving these twins are almost head and shoulders above expectations.

Housewife Keisha, 37, said: “Who knows, Gabriel and Ezra might turn out to be the world’s tallest twins. They were certainly a good size for twins, especially considering they were premature.

“They are already wearing clothing for 3-year-olds and look a lot taller than other toddlers their age.”

They’ve still got a way to go, however – eldest brother Lucas, 11, towers above his classmates at an astonishing 64in (5ft4in). He is already the average height of a 14-year-old boy.

Lone sister Eva, eight, is just under 56in (4ft8in), or the average height of an 11-year-old girl.

And four-year-old Jonah measures in at 49in (4ft1in) – the average for eight-year-old boy.

With mum and dad at 6ft5in and 7ft respectively, the van Kleef-Bolton clan – who live in Dagenham, Essex, already measures in at a collective 32ft 11in.

Ezra, top, and Gabriel at two weeks old

Keisha and Wilco were only recently surpassed as the world’s tallest married couple by Chinese pair Sun Ming and Xu Yan – who secured a Guinness World Record last year.

Keisha added: “For a long time people have been predicting we will become the world’s tallest family, and I think that would be really cool as long as everyone is healthy.

“What we didn’t predict was having twins – that was a surprise. I had a difficult pregnancy with Jonah so was using contraception.

“So it was a shock to not only find out I was pregnant again but this time it was with two.”

Other tall families include the Van Nes family formerly of Dorset, who have since moved to the USA after their sons were headhunted to play basketball.

Keisha and software developer Wilco, 37, are used to big kids.

Keisha said: “Lucas and Jonah are especially tall for their ages. And their appetites are huge.

“Lucas will have three sandwiches as an after-school snack and still have room for dinner. They are both much taller than their peers – so is Eva.”

Former basketball player Keisha thinks Lucas might follow in her footsteps and get into sport – but at the moment he is suffering from severe growing pains.

All of Keisha and Wilco’s children are taller than average

“Doctors are investigating if there is an issue beyond regular growing pains,” Keisha explained. “He is in quite a lot of pain. Other than that, none of the children have any health concerns, though they are pretty skinny despite their huge appetites.”

And of course the family are still causing a scene when they leave the house – though that’s rare these days.

Keisha said: “With five kids including twin babies, we don’t get out a lot at the moment. Everything is so busy.

“But I absolutely love it.

“The twins have very different personalities. Ezra is quieter. Gabriel is the mischievous one. He enjoys singing and climbing over things and getting into trouble whatever way he can.

“Ezra likes cuddles and chatters a lot.

“People have a hard time telling them apart, but for me it’s easy.

“It’s fascinating having twins and watching them develop at the same time.”

Keisha, who needed a Caesarean after it was discovered Ezra was breach and Gabriel was transverse, vowed: “My pregnancy with them was extremely difficult so, hopefully, it will be my last.”

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