Vlogger tries to report anyone who retweets him to the police - gets retweeted 13k times
Brad The Lad Long is a known Twitter troll and vlogger (Picture: YouTube)

Anyone on the internet should know that the more you tell someone not to do something, the more they’ll do it.

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Actually, that lesson applies to real life as well as online.

So vlogger and professional troll Brad The Lad Long really should have known not to urge people to stop reweeting his posts.

One of Brad’s tweets racked up over 13,000 retweets after he claimed that he would report any non-fans who retweeted him to the police.

Because retweets are a crime, apparently.

Brad – who suggests almost annually that he is entering the Celebrity Big Brother house and the jungle – was annoyed that people were flooding his notifications with excessive rewteets, and wrote an angry post claiming he’d be calling the police on his enemies.

He wrote: ‘I’m getting really fucked off with people on here tweeting me and retweeting my tweets for no reason other than to wind me up. I can’t focus on the love and tweets from my fans because they are completely overshadowed with people tweeting me negative shit and people retweeting my tweets to fuck up my notifications.

‘I am taking this seriously now and I am fully confident that I am being bullied purely because I made something of my life and purely because I went from a nobody to someone famous. If you don’t like me then block me and leave me the hell alone. Stop tweeting me and stop retweeting my tweets for no reason.’

The post continued: ‘If people really want to start trying me then carry right on. Go on. Retweet this tweet and I promise you I will report every single one of your asses to the police because I’ve had enough of it now. This is MY Twitter and none of you have the right to abuse me by retweeting things you don’t care about.

‘Yes I’m a celebrity and yes I should allow people to retweet my tweets but I am putting a stop to it if you are retweeting for no reason. My fans can retweet anything they want but I know who my real fans are and if I see any of you retweeting stuff when I know you’re not a true fan, then have fun in jail because I will screenshot the retweets and I will bring them to the station as I’ve had enough of it. Grow up.’

Brad captioned the tweet: ‘If you’re not a fan of mine, then DO NOT retweet my tweets because this is becoming harassment now. I will be going to the police.’

Unsurprisingly, because the internet is reknowned for being mature, this tweet ended up being one of Brad’s most popular, earning over 13,000 retweets (he only has 14,300 followers).

Brad discovered retweeting isn’t a crime (Picture: YouTube)

And Brad’s detractors were having a whale of a time, with one person writing: ‘”What are you in here for?” “Murder, you?” “Retweeting someone’s tweet”.’

Unfortunately for Brad, his plan to get all of the retweeters jailed didn’t go to plan.

He said: ‘Hi everyone. I have spoken to the police and they said I can not have people arrested for retweeting so I am going to leave Twitter.’

We can’t believe this didn’t result in a mass jailing.

Brad, who previously got smacked down by Cara Delevingne after he tweeted that her ‘looks would fade’, hasn’t yet left Twitter, but is still pleading for the retweets to stop.

Isn’t social media a hoot?

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