Voice judge Gavin Rossdale says Tom Jones could 'drink him under the table' after downing shots together

Voice judge Gavin Rossdale says Sir Tom Jones could “drink him under the table any day” after downing shots of Tequila with the Welsh legend in between filming the show.

And hitting out at critics who have branded him boring, the coach blasts: “They can f*** off. I have lived the life of being in a rock band, which is pretty unboring.”

The Bush frontman, who has formed a tight bond with Sex Bomb star Tom, admitted: “We got in a bottle of Tequila in the other day and were having some fun, just toasting everyone’s good health. He likes to celebrate things.”

And in an exclusive interview with the Sunday People ahead of tomorrow’s live ITV show, he revealed that Sir Tom, 76, enjoys singing in the early hours of the morning.

Gavin, 51, who’s team will be singing for survival tonight, said: “When we were about to perform Under Pressure, at the start of the show, I heard him singing it pretty early in the morning at our hotel – and he was staying two floors down from me.

Gavin says he can hear Tom singing from two floors below him in their hotel
(Photo: ITV)

“It was brilliant. Walls don’t stop Tom Jones!

“And I didn’t want to tell him because I thought he might do it again the next night and it was a bit of a lullaby.”

Describing their friendship, Gavin added: “We have a kind of kinship. I think he feels that we do the same job, and even though I may not be on the same level, we have this super connection.”

The pair, who live near each other in Los Angeles, even enjoyed a Christmas celebration together.

He said: “A few days before Christmas he came over with his family and I was in my home with my boys. It was really sweet. They were all wearing suits. My eldest had a trilby on and they were all really shy about meeting him.

“They shook his hands and one of my boys missed a step and face-planted into the room with them.”

Another time Sir Tom invited him to dinner in Manchester.

Sir Tom surprised Gavin by popping in on him and his family at Christmas
(Photo: BBC)

Gavin said: “I was super English and said, ‘no, I’m OK thanks.’ Then someone said, you can’t turn down Tom Jones.

“So I sat with him and his team at this special dinner and they’re drinking this great wine. And I don’t want to say, ‘can I open another bottle?’ so I whisper over to the waiter to get me a glass. Then Tom hears and goes: ‘What? You’re drinking alone!’ and gets more in.

“He is so much fun.”

Speaking about coach Jennifer Hudson , Gavin said: “She has this real purity about her because she’s never drunk and she’s really wholesome. She’s lead such a clean life which is the opposite to me, so it’s really funny to be around that.”

And joking he said: “Tom’s more in my team.”

He also described Will.i.am as “excellent for the show.”

He said: “He goes off on tangents the whole time.

“And half of it you don’t know what he’s talking about. He’s got these long ways of dying things but then you see the show back and you realise how good he is for the show. He’s really funny and he’s amazing to learn from and watch.”

Gavin says he and Tom have ‘a kind of kinship’
(Photo: ITV)

Gavin’s six finalists will be whittled down to three by the end of tomorrow’s show.

Tonight his band, Bush, performed.

He said touring was still as crazy as in his heyday. He said: “I never drank much after shows. You can’t when you’re a singer or your voice would sound c***. You have to be disciplined.

“But my bandmates make up for that and I still have plenty of fun.

“You get to travel the world and have a great time. You are going through this amazing explosion in your life and everything is going at a thousand miles an hour.

“You’re nocturnal and you live like a sloth during the day. Then you get on stage and you’re living out your dream. It’s amazing.”

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